L.S. Engler (diraskyria) wrote in cmu_writers,
L.S. Engler

Because We writers are insane!

Hey, everyone! I was going to bring this up at the meeting on Sunday, but I figured I'd just do it here, because the people who're most likely to be interested are all here on the LJ anyway.

I present to you all the Internation Story A Day Group! The title says it all: Every day, we write a story and post it for all the other members to read. The stories must all be titled by the title that the moderator, lustforlike offers. Today (Dec. 2, because lustforlike is from a different time zone)'s title is Of Mice and HiFi.

It just started yesterday, so you haven't missed much! It is a lot to keep up with (especially with exam and the end of the semester), but it is a lot of fun! If you're up for a great challenge that may just help you get out of ruts (I've been really proud of how I'm doing so far, but it is only the second day, hehe), check it out! =D

That's all! Til Next Time, Space Cowboys~!
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