alobarstaco (alobarstaco) wrote in cmu_writers,

The Future of the CMU Fiction Collective, Applying to All Involved

So, as difficult as this is for me to type, I do not know how often I will be able to make it to meetings. Grace is going to be working as much as I am, so chances are I will have the baby in my charge on at least some Sunday afternoons. I mean, I would be more than willing to host the meetings at my house, but everyone would need to find transportation. And, of course, I can't provide chai. Sorry guys.

Which leads me to another issue: if we are still a legit RSO, which I suppose we are, then I have inherited the presidency from Dar. Since I don't know how often I'll be able to attend, it might be better for someone else to usurp my position. There will be a grand struggle for power, but I'll obviously throw the fight for the reasons stated above. Any volunteers?

Again, I am willing to host the meetings. I looked forward to seeing you guys every week last year, and it'll be sad if I am no longer able to.
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