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A Tale of Politics, Magic, and, most importantly, SEX.

Hey, remember how a few weeks ago I said I had something written that I wanted to finish up and share? I finally did it! Yay!! I present to you a brand, sparkling new prologue to one of the many Arynethian books. To any of you who, even vaguely, follow Arynethian lore, this new book, The Fox Hole practically jumps through the entire story: it's possibly the last book of the Age of Return that Serpent in a Cage start out. So, yeah. Sorry if the story itself proves to be a little baffling. It's just a prologue, so it shouldn't. Just focus, i guess, on the writing. I'm trying something with it and I'm not sure if it works.

The Fox Hole: Prologue

OH! The thing is positively FLOODED with spelling mistakes. Since I was coding it, I didn't bother typing it in word, thus not having a spell check, and I'm too lazy to run it through a different one. So, yeah; definately feel free to correct spellings as you're looking over it, but no need to mention that I'm an idiot when it comes to spelling. Believe me, I know, I know! ^_~

And here are a few others things I promised:

How to Kill a Mockingbird

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